Friday Club – This is the future future!

07 February 2020

Clear Channel Direct London 33 Golden Square, Soho, London W1F 9JT, UK


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    Friday Club – This is the future future!
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    Justin Cross

    Corporate Innovation Partner

    Jack Moolark

    Creative Director

    Ross Winterflood

    Group Account Director

    Seb Timpson

    Board member, Pageant Media

    Matt Wells

    The Brains at The Friday Club

    Tom Lucas


    Dan Hocking

    Head of Delivery

    Stephen Molloy

    Business Strategy Advisor, Co-Founder, Privacy Activist

    Barney Worfolk-Smith

    Founder, Megadog : Venture Partner, Ascension Ventures

    Chris Bain, PhD

    Founder & CEO, Player One Consulting

    Daianna Karaian

    Founder and CEO at Thoughtful Works

    Rob Kavanagh

    Executive Creative Director


    Richard Fearn

    Director at the Friday Club London and early stage tech investor

    Laura Derbyshire

    Founder, oser

    Christopher Anandan

    Media Consultant

    Winnie Palmer

    Chief Exec

    Sila Nur Isik

    Co-founder & Director

    Aaron Cole

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Adam Lotz

    Strategy consultant

    Regina Claros-Bolivar

    Marketing Wizard,

    Ken Valledy

    CEO t2b (Tech2Brand) Limited

    Alistair Campbell

    Executive Creative Director at We Are Social

    Michael Solomon

    Social Business, Profit-for-Good

    Andrea Ramoino

    VP Product

    Johanna Campion


    Deb Hennessy

    Tech Investor, Marketing and Business Development Director

    Andrew Muzzelle

    Digital Media Director, Nectar & i2C

    Pablo Asensio

    Growth Marketing Consultant

    Matt Drew

    Strategy, Innovation, Investment

    Katja Strelcova

    Business Developement

    Simon Moriarty

    Director of Trends EMEA

    Own Kind

    Sadie Bell

    Life Sorter & Officer of Time to Richard Fearn

    Jeremy Ettinghausen

    Creative Innovation Consultant.

    Melanie Mercier

    Founder & CEO at Nattr

    Mum and You


    We like to think that what makes a FCL event special is the talent & experience of our members, both our mentors and the entrepreneurs. It’s why we spend so much time hunting down the country’s most talented to join us. If you back yourself and your talents then please read on about how you can get involved.

    I am interested in getting involved as a…


    Here’s what some lovely people said when we stood over them looking scary…

    • FCL is a fantastic initiative. A win-win for all: start-ups, and ad industry talent. I always come away fresh, inspired & a little more connected to the tech start-up industry.

      Daniele Fiandaca

      MD, Digital, Edelman

    • The Friday Club is unique. Relaxed, informal, yet stimulating. The chance to share your own views unabated with some of London’s finest digital, brand thinkers, and entrepreneurs.

      Jon Carney

      MD, Digital, Edelman