Our Team


Richard Fearn

The Front-man

Vain, temperamental, prone to hissy-fits. But give this kid a stage and boy you’ll see he really can be mildly amusing and averagely insightful. Richard didn’t know what he wanted to be when he grew up. That’s why he went into advertising. But he eventually realized that it wasn’t enough. So he became a tech investor. And that was great. But there was still a little something missing. So he co-founded the Friday Club London. And then he was happy. Richard has always had a simple philosophy in life. Stand near enough to greatness and eventually someone might just confuse you for it.

Sadie Bell

The Fixer

Someone has got to stop the talking and make things happen, to pick up the dropped catches and to keep spinning the plates when they slow. That’s Sadie. She has an uncanny way to predicting our next five moves and clearing the path to make them happen. We have no idea whether she plays chess but we think she might be good at it. She also has a break-dancing teenager for a son and a DJ for a husband. These things almost entirely compensated for the fact that she is from Birmingham. For the record, we’re being facetious. We love people from Birmingham.

Tim Sparke

The Educator

Now we know that sounds like a character from 90s TV series ‘Gladiators’ but it’s not. Tim’s not one for stretched spandex. At least not on week days. He’s the studious one at the FCL. Hence the specs. When Tim’s not teaching the global CMOs of FTSE 500 companies on how to spot what’s coming next, we secretly open up his head & steal things. Tim doesn’t mind. He says he’s happy just being the man keeping us ahead of the game. Thanks Tim. Although, for the record, we saw some things in there we’d like you to keep in there.

Matt Wells

The Brains

Although it might not look like it with his high forehead, Neanderthal jaw and oafish beard, Matt is the brains of the operation. He took Richard’s dribbling ramblings about starting ‘a great club thing that could like help people’ and he made sense of them. For his real job at Congregation, Matt works with the best marketing and innovation talent in the brand, media and communications sectors, discovering great people who continue to form the nucleus of talent at the heart of our membership. At weekends, Matt is a woodchopper. He also believes trees talk about him behind his back.


Here’s what some lovely people said when we stood over them looking scary…

  • The Friday Club plays a critical role in understanding and curating an ecosystem which allows start-ups to proliferate adland, to the benefit of agencies and our clients. The future of our industry depends on striking this balance.

    Justin Billingsley

    MD, Digital, Edelman

  • The Friday club is incredible & annoying. Incredible because of all the thinkers & doers you’re exposed to, and annoying because you didn’t think to organise it yourself.

    Rob Doubal

    MD, Digital, Edelman